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Music plays in the style of Metal Quick Overview: Unusual in everything, unique in its kind BOT radio station. Broadcasts all kinds of Heavy Metal and Hardrock - this style is given the most aggressive, driving riffs, which is complemented by guitars with distortion. Heavy metal has evolved since the early days of blues, and blues rock, rock and progressive rock. It was based on the music of hard rock musicians who, in the period from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, based on blues and rock, recreated a new, heavier sound, which concentrated Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Bot radio - heavy metal is usually characterized as a style of music with dominant drums and guitars in sound, powerful rhythm and significant borrowings from rock, classical music and blues. However, heavy metal subgenres have their specific stylistic variations in relation to the original style, so they often change or completely omit the above elements. Therefore, now we can talk about a significant variety of styles in the metal genre.
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Heavy metal as an art form is more than just music, it is as visual as it is sonic. Album design and stage shows are just as important to the presentation of material as music. Thus, through the mediation of heavy metal, the collaboration of many creative people (musicians, artists, poets) results in a complex combination of sound, visual and spiritual images and this combination creates a kind of "aura" of the group.

Early heavy metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, UFO and Black Sabbath are often referred to as hard rock. And the timing of heavy metal and hard rock is often synonymous, especially when it comes to 1970s music. In fact, many bands of the time are not classified as heavy metal, but as those that made an important contribution to the development of heavy metal as a style. Hardly anyone considers Jethro Tull to be heavy metal together, but their composition Aqualung is the quintessence of early heavy metal.

Many people, including musicians of famous metal bands, believe that the creation of a certain style of real heavy metal belongs to the group Judas Priest (also with Birmingham) with their first three records Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976), Sin After Sin (1977) and Stained Class (1978). (Rainbow is sometimes cited as a pioneer in heavy metal, the same goes for the late Deep Purple albums Burn and Stormbringer. But both bands are still classified as hard rock).

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