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Quick Overview: Radio TripHop online, this style of TripHop is considered part of electronic music. However, unlike most subgenres of electronic music, trip-hop has a mostly organic sound that rarely focuses on electronic instruments. Bands like Portishead were initially considered "alternative rock" due to the lack of a term like trip-hop; however, the mood of most trip-hop music is different from that of most alternative rock music. In addition, guitars are not often used and, when used, they are used in Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"A type of dance music played with electronic instruments and with a slow rhythm" according to Longman's vocabulary, trip-hop (also known in the past as "Bristol Sound") is essentially a musical movement that began in Bristol, UK. However, this tag is not limited to Bristol groups; groups stretching as far as Canada (eg Perfume tree) or Costa Rica (eg Úztari) were considered "trip hop". Many "trip-hop" bands such as Massive Attack, Portishead or Tricky deny the term, claiming it is "an invention of media journalists." (In fact, it was invented by Luc Wiebert, aka Christ's Carriage).

The best music bands

Massive attack
Dj shadow
Thievery Corporation
Sneaker Pimps
Zero 7
Amon tobin
Dj krush

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