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Music plays in the style of Blues 1980-90 Quick Overview: Acoustic music is music that is performed using acoustic instruments. Acoustic musical blues compositions and tunes. Which produce sound using a vibrator, and not through electronic synthesis. During acoustic concerts, electro-acoustic sound amplifiers are usually used to achieve the proper sound system in the room, however they remain separated from the instrument. And their function is only to transmit sound and natural sound. Acoustic blues on the radio online. You will hear any kind of Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Acoustic Blues.
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  All electronic instruments are replaced by their classical counterparts, for example, electric guitars with acoustic guitars, synthesizers on the piano, etc. In addition, performers often enrich the sound with traditional folk instruments (for example, harmonics). Examples of instruments used in acoustic music are piano, acoustic guitar, drum, accordion, chords, wind instruments.

In addition, musicians who use electronic instruments daily often record acoustic versions of their hits.

19.12.2019 Radio Acoustic Blues — RU
Слухати Акустичний Блюз - українською
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