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Progressive Rock.
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«Progressive rock Radio» - listen to the best tunes and epic works on the wave of online radio. Wonderful musical rock songs sound the clock in the rotation of American radio.

The union of elements of different styles to perfection - «Progressive rock»

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Progressive Rock (English progressive rock, prog rock, prog, rock art.) - A rock musical style tends to complicate the forms of music combining rock with classical academic music (creation of long compositions, intricate melodies and harmonies, cyclic forms, frequent changes tempo, time signature changing complex works, computer sound processing). The first was created in the 60s in the UK reached a peak of popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, it is still relevant today. It combines elements of different music genres (academic music, jazz, avant-garde) for introducing rock music to a high art.

Group of the Progressive rock artists:

Anathema 1990
Anekdoten 1990
Änglagård 1991
Ayreon since 1995
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso 1969
Barclay James Harvest 1966
Beardfish 2001
Between the Buried and Me 2000
Big Big Train 1990
Blackfield 2001
Camel 1971
Caravan 1968
Coheed and Cambria in 1995
Deep Purple 1968
Dream Theater 1985
Dream Theater 1985
Echolyn 1989
Electric Light Orchestra 1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1970
Enchant 1989
Fates Warning 1982
Frost * 2004
Gazpacho 1996
Genesis 1967
Gentle Giant 1970 - 2004
Glass Hammer 1992
Gong since 1967
Haken since 2007
Hawkwind 1969
Henry Cow in 1968 - 1978
IQ 1981
Jethro Tull 1963 - 2011
Journey 1973
Kaipa 1973
Kansas 1970
Karmakanic 2002
King Crimson since 1968
Le Orme 1966
Leprous 2001
Lunatic Soul since 2008
Magma 1969
Marillion 1979
Mastodon 1999
Muse 1994
Opeth 1990
Pain of Salvation in 1984
Pendragon 1978
Pink Floyd, 1965 - 2014
Porcupine Tree 1987
Premiata Forneria Marconi 1970
Procol Harum 1967
Queensrÿche 1982
Riverside 2001
Rush 1968
Soft Machine 1966
Spock's Beard in 1992
Supertramp 1969
Tangerine Dream 1967
Tesseract in 2003
The Flower Kings 1993
The Mars Volta 2001 - 2013
The Moody Blues 1964
The Nice 1967 - 2002
The Tangent 2002
Tool 1990
Transatlantic 1999
Uriah Heep in 1967
Van der Graaf Generator in 1967
Yes 1968

Radio Online "Progressive Rock" listen free unique sound academic and rock music. Progressive live and in perfect sound quality 320kb / s.

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