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Music plays in the style of Rock Quick Overview: Melodic lyrics to the expression of themes and style of rock listen to the radio wave. Play Emo Screamo dynamic music for emotional people live online radio clock. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"Radio «Emo Screamo»" - US Internet radio station is broadcast from New York. Listen to music reputable groups performing songs in the style of Emo Screamo. Interesting music and improve your understanding of the composition of musical creativity.

Emotional music - Emo Screamo» radio

Emo (emo, short for "emotional") - rock style of contemporary music, different melody and musicality and expression in the lyrics.

Screamo (Screamo - cry, ) - a sub-genre of emo music, first came to light in the 90s. It is characterized by aggressiveness, songs short and dynamic, intense performance of the presence of dissonance. Using the cries in the vocals. The texts are often used poetry that expresses emotional pain, romance, political issues and even human rights.

Groups musical performers of songs and music Screamo Emo:

A Day to Remember in 2003
A Static Lullaby 2001 - 2012
Aiden since 2003
Alesana 2004
Alexisonfire 2001
Armor for Sleep 2001 - 2012
Atreyu 1998
Attack Attack! 2005 - 2013
Blessthefall since 2003
Boys Night Out 2001
Bullet for My Valentine 1998
Chiodos 2001
Circle Takes the Square 2000
Daïtro 2000 - 2012
Emery 2001
Escape the Fate 2004
Falling in Reverse since 2008
Finch 1999
From Autumn to Ashes 2000 - 2008
From First to Last 1999
Funeral Diner 1998 - 2007
Funeral for a Friend 2001
Glassjaw 1993
Greeley Estates 2002
Hawthorne Heights since 2001
Heroin 1991
I Hate Myself 1996
Indian Summer 1993 - 1994
Kids in the Way in 1997
La Dispute 2004
Matchbook Romance 1997 - 2010
Merchant Ships 2008 - 2010
Off Minor 1999
Orchid 1997 - 2002
Our Last Night 2004
Pg. 99, 1997 - 2011
Pianos Become the Teeth in 2006
Pierce the Veil in 2006
Portraits of Past 1994 - 1995
Scary Kids Scaring Kids 2002 - 2010
Senses Fail 2001
Silverstein 2000
Sleeping with Sirens since 2009
Story of the Year in 1995
Swing Kids 1994 - 2009
Taking Back Sunday 1999
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to 2003
The Used in 2001
Thursday 1997
Underoath 1997 - 2013
Vendetta Red 1998

Radio Online "Emo Screamo" Now listen to free live music with the emotional overtones of expression and rock style.

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