Music plays in the style of Rock 1980-90 Quick Overview: Legendary rock music 80s - the best songs of famous rock bands. Play Rock 80 - online radio broadcast that you get rid of nostalniii and enjoy your favorite music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Best of rock music of the eighties sound to you. Famous rock band playing songs of the 80s and selected music rock songs of the golden fund. Good rock music, listen to online radio wave.

Rock music 1980s

Rock «Radio 80s» - Listen to the legendary rock songs, golden rock hits playing live online radio. Play the music of your favorite rock bands, remove the nostalgia, the songs are good to include. Guitar chords and riffs sound improves morale, percussion rhythm in the morning and set the day is lived beautiful music Rock.

Musicians Artists, the best rock band popular in the '80s:

Guns N 'Roses in 1985
Def Leppard 1977
Bon Jovi 1983
Mötley Crüe in 1981 - 2015
Van Halen 1972
AC / DC in 1973
Metallica 1981
Poison 1980
Kiss 1973
Aerosmith 1970
Queen 1970
Journey 1973
U2 1976
Black Sabbath 1968
Whitesnake 1978
Ratt 1982
Cinderella 1983
Skid Row since 1986
Twisted Sister in 1972
The Rolling Stones 1962
The Police 1977 - 2008
Warrant since 1984
Yes 1968
Foreigner 1976
Quiet Riot in 1973
Rush 1968
Dokken 1976
Pink Floyd, 1965 - 2014
Queensrÿche 1982
Led Zeppelin 1968 - 1980
The Cure 1976
Dire Straits 1977 - 1995
Genesis 1966
Styx 1970
ZZ Top in 1969
The Cars 1976
Blondie 1974
The Pretenders 1978
Nirvana 1987 - 1994
Loverboy 1979
Cheap Trick in 1973
Night Ranger since 1979
REO Speedwagon 1967
Stryper 1983
Extreme 1985
Winger 1987
Duran Duran 1978
Great White 1977
Europe 1979
R.E.M. 1980 - 2011
Talking Heads 1975 - 2002

Radio Online "Rock 80" listen free rock songs from the eighties. The best group of performers play for you your hits and legendary songs of rock music, live broadcasts with a good sound quality, 320kb/s stream rate.

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