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Music plays in the style of Rock 1970-80 1980-90 1990 2000 Quick Overview: Multifaceted alternative rock, listen to non-pop-rock music. In any city in the world, a selection of the best alternative-rock songs to listen to online radio on the air. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio «Alternative Rock» - listen to the best alternative song in the American online radio broadcast from New York. Listen to music in the style of alternative rock, great music in rotation on the radio sound to you around the clock.

Alternative rock - independent or alternative music (antipopsovaya alternative to mainstream rock music consists of many styles) is part of a genre of rock music, it is aimed at young people. Alternative Rock first emerged in the underground 80 US and UK. He became popular in the '90s and 2000s. the term initial value wider naming alternative rock took place in the 80s (late 70s) and included a lot of styles (Punk-Rock, Post-Punk, and others.) The name "alternative rock" was created to mark the independent labels, create improve contrast on the labels and more lucrative recording contract with increased marketing possibilities.

Alternative rock music combines the sound is different, manner of execution, the context, the territorial origin. A variety of alternative rock, a number of different styles that are part of alternative rock: indie rock, industrial rock, alternative hip hop, indie pop, gothic rock, jungle pop, noise pop, grunge, rap-rock.

The best radio plays - Alternative rock

Listen nonprofit directions Rock - Alternative Rock. The modern alternative rock and legendary hits from the best performers listen to the radio broadcast.

Most groups, musicians performers of alternative rock (list):

Alice in Chains since 1987
Arctic Monkeys 2002
Audioslave 2001 - 2007
Blind Melon 1988
Blink-182 1992
Blur 1989
Breaking Benjamin 1998
Bush 1992
Cage the Elephant in 2006
Coldplay 1996
Creed in 1993
Depeche Mode 1980
Dinosaur Jr. from 1984
Evanescence since 1995
Foo Fighters 1994
Garbage 1994
Goo Goo Dolls 1985
Green Day 1986
Hole 1989 - 2012
Hüsker Dü 1979 - 1988
Incubus 1980
Jane's Addiction 1985
Linkin Park 1996
Muse 1994
My Bloody Valentine 1983
My Chemical Romance 2001 - 2013
Nickelback since 1995
Nine Inch Nails in 1988
Nirvana 1987 - 1994
No Doubt since 1986
Oasis 1991 - 2009
Paramore 2004
Pearl Jam 1990
Pixies 1986
Queens of the Stone Age in 1996
R.E.M. 1980 - 2011
Radiohead 1985
Rage Against the Machine 1991
Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1983
Sonic Youth in 1981 - 2011
Soundgarden from 1984
Stone Temple Pilots in 1989
The Cranberries 1989
The Cure 1976
The Jesus and Mary Chain 1983
The Killers 2001
The Offspring in 1984
The Smashing Pumpkins 1988
The Smiths 1982 - 1987
The Strokes 1998
The White Stripes 1997 - 2011
Thirty Seconds to Mars since 1998
Three Days Grace 1992
U2 1976
Weezer from 1992

Radio online "alternative rock" to listen for free, diverse and non-repeating music, alternative. Excellent sound quality 320kb/s, now live sound for you.

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