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Music plays in the style of Metal Quick Overview: The most cheerful and upbeat music from all metal options. Emotional and melodic songs of the best Power Metal bands are presented in rotation online radio. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Power Metal.
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Radio "Power Metal" - listen to the sound of energetic metal with a touch of the dramatic and emotional, as well as the rich powerful sound. Low sound and solo guitar riffs and fast percussion and vocal performance on the verge of possible frequencies for the human ligaments.

Music Power metal - falls on the beginning of the middle '80s, it differs a high speed of execution and melody. Subject text combines the direction of the Middle Ages, fantasy, and even fantastic stories.

Lists of groups performing:

Avantasia 1999
Black Sabbath 1968
Cirith Ungol 1972 - 1992
Conception 1989
Dead End 1984
D'Erlanger 1983
Dio 1982 - 2010
Europe 1979
Fates Warning 1982
Grand Magus 1996
Hammers of Misfortune 2000
Impulse 1979
In This Moment 2005
Kamelot 1991
Lizzy Borden 1983
Machinae Supremacy 2000
Mägo de Oz 1989
Manilla Road 1976
Masquerade 1988
Matenrou Opera 2007
Omen 1983
Phoenix Rising 2007 - 2012
Platitude 1995 - 2008
Queensrÿche 1982
Symphony X 1994
Winds 1998
Within Temptation 1996
X Japan 1982
Xandria 1994
Viper 1985

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