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Music plays in the style of Jazz Quick Overview: Piano jazz - music that animates the soul. Wonderful jazz trio teams now play for you (piano and drums, bass). Play Piano Jazz radio online. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio "Piano Trio" - the Internet radio station from New York. We bring you the best music recording jazz trio.
Trio - a team of three musicians performing together song and performing together. The jazz is often the basis for each piano trio is fortepianist (in honor of him and called the group of musicians).

Famous jazz piano trio:

"Brad Mehldau Trio"
"Bill Evans Trio"
"Keith Jarrett Trio"
"Mark Kramer Trio"
"Bad Plus"
"Bill Evans Trio"
"Vince Harold Trio"
"Trio Klason 3"
"Codon" jazz group Trio

Tools performers of which create a jazz trio:


"The only difference between a jazz musician and employee of mine - a musician not a lantern." - Daniel Humayr (composer, Switzerland)

List of well-known jazz musicians, piano:

Adam Makovich 1940
Alexander Hawkins 1981
Bojan Zulfikarpashich 1968
Brad Mehldau 1970
Jacky Terrasson 1965
Jimmy McGriff 1936 - 2008
Dinah Washington 1924 - 1963
Dr. John 1940
Yisrael Tanenbaum 1961
Carol Uelsman 1960
Karrin Allayson 1963
Clarence Williams 1893 - 1965
Mel Tormé 1925 - 1999
Omar Hakim 1958
Oonishi, Junko 1967
Paul Tobey 1962
Rodney Kendrick 1960
Ross Petot
Scott Rautenberg 1978
Stéphane Grappelli 1908 - 1997
Charles Gale 1939

Radio "Piano Trio" to listen online for free. Bright jazz improvisation listen now live.

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