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Music plays in the style of classic Quick Overview: Light classical melodies to write better composers of all eras. Listen to classical music on the radio. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Easy Classical radio.
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Radio Light Classics - the most unique and basic for the perception of classical music are presented for your listening
Air and addictive classics from all eras known sounds in the broadcast radio online.
Musical works of the classics, popular classical music is played around the clock on the radio wave. Listen to beautiful classical music and get pleasure from the instrumental sound.
Classical music online - listen free classical music of different epochs

Creation talented composers of all ages:

Medieval era 500-1400 years.
Renaissance 1400-1600
Baroque 1600-1760
Classical 1730-1820
Romanticism 1780-1910
Impressionism 1875-1925

Light classics - is elegant and graceful compositions and the works that are recognized for the simple perception and intense positive emotions, they can freely listen to both adult and child.

Radio Online "Light Classical Music" to listen to for free is now in good quality and live without registration. It produces excellent sound quality realistic presence of 320kb/s.

01.04.2018 EASY CLASSICAL radio music
Слухати Легка класична музика - українською
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