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Gypsy Jazz.
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«Radio Gypsy Jazz» (jazz manouche) - catchy music sounds in the air online radio. The first memories of the new style of music emerged in the 1920s-1930s. The founder of the Gypsy Jazz Django Reinhardt considered that gathered especially experimental and traditional (Waltz Musette - popular French dance).

«Gypsy Jazz» - that's life in the spirit of freedom."

Artists Gypsy Jazz:

Andreas Varady 1997
Babik Reinhardt 1944 - 2001
Biel Ballester 1974
Fapy Lafertin 1950
Ian Date 1960
Jimmy Rosenberg 1980
John Jorgenson Quintet
Les doigts de l'homme
Lousson Reinhardt 1929 - 1992
Mad Dog Mcrea
Matelo Ferret 1918 - 1989
Megitza 1984
Monsieur Camembert
Paulus Schäfer 1978
Pearl Django
Pierre Ferret 1908 - 1978
Quintette du Hot Club de France
Rosenberg Trio
Sylvain Luc 1965
TG Collective
The Lost Fingers
Aaron Bowen 1973
Biréli Lagrène 1966
John Jorgenson 1956
John Larsen, 1959
George Number 1960
Duane Andrews 1972
Django Reinhardt 1910 - 1953
Richard Smith 1971
Stéphane Grappelli 1908 - 1997
Tony Ballaff 1967
Hank Marvin 1941
Al Di Meola in 1954

Musical instruments Jazz manouche:

Guitar, violin, mandolin, accordion, clarinet.

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01.04.2018 Radio GYPSY JAZZ
Слухати Циганський Джаз - українською
Слушать Gypsy Jazz - на русском

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