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Music plays in the style of classic Quick Overview: Music performed by cello and orchestra, listen to sonatas, suites and concerts by the best cellists and national orchestras, ensembles. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Cello radio - music performed by a solo cello performances and concerts complete the main cellists party. Listen to music on Radio Cello online.
Cello - is a musical stringed instrument of the violin family, has four strings tuned in fifths. The sounds are produced by a bow. The sound in the bass and tenor registers. According to its size it is second only to the contrabass. Basically it is used to perform solos, can also be heard in chamber music ensembles, string orchestra, symphony orchestras. The first memories date back to the beginning of the cello of the 15th century. And in 1607 by Claudio Monteverdi in his opera "Orpheus" refers to the cello as "de Viola da Basso bratstso (basso de viola da braccio)".

Famous composers who wrote music for Cello:

Henri Dutilleux
Antonin Dvorak - (live)
Benjamin Britten
Witold Lutoslawski
Dmitri Shostakovich
György Ligeti
Siegfried Palm
Zoltan Kodaly - (Sonata)
Johann Sebastian Bach (Suite)
Johannes Brahms - (two sonatas and Double Concerto)
Joseph Haydn (concerts Major and D Major)
Claude Debussy - (Sonata for Cello and Piano)
Ludwig van Beethoven - (5 Sonatas for Cello and pho-no)
Mstislav Rostropovich
Paul Hindemith - (Sonata)
Robert Schumann - (live)
Sergei Prokofiev
Edward Elgar - (Concerto in E Minor)

Play Cello music online radio live broadcast in high quality for free and without registration. The best compositions and classical music concerts with the cello sound for you.

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