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Radio sacred music - compositions and songs written for worship and religious celebrations (masses, cantatas, oratorios)
We offer you the most interesting works of classical sacred music. Lovely sublime melodies that help to purify the heart and mind of negative thoughts and present your mood to the celestial heights of sound services.

The purpose of music - to touch the heart. Johann Sebastian Bach

The list of composers who have written sacred music:

Alessandro Scarlatti
Anton Bruckner
Antonin Dvorak
Antonio Vivaldi
Antonio Salieri
Arvo Pärt
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Gabriel Fauré
Gaetano Donizetti
Hector Berlioz
Georg Reutter
Gioacchino Rossini
Giuseppe Verdi
Domenico Scarlatti
Don Lorenzo Peros
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Igor Stravinsky
Johann Christian Bach
Johann Michael Haydn
Joseph Haydn
Carl Maria von Weber
Cassius Clement Shterns
Claudio Monteverdi
Christoph Willibald Gluck
Ludwig van Beethoven
Mateo Albéniz
Nicola Antonio Zingarelli
Olivier Messiaen
Pietro Guglielmi
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Robert Schumann
North Bonini
César Franck
Francis Poulenc
Frantisek Brixen
Franz Schubert
Franz Liszt
Francesca Caccini
Francesco Cavalli
Charles Gounod
Edward Elgar

Music - is the mediator between the sacred and the sensual life. Bettina von Arnim

List of famous works of classical sacred music:

Absalon, Fili Mi, motet for 4 parts
Agnus Dei, for chorus (arr. By 2 MW. Of String Quartet), Op. eleven
Ave Maria
Ave Maria (the second), motet for chorus in F major, 6 votes
Ave Maria for choir a cappella (after Virgin D'Volvo)
Ave Maria, for voice and piano (after a Prelude number 1 and. S. From Bach Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1)
Ave Verum housing (also anthem 'O Lord, the God of Israel'), motet for 4 voices (SATB)
Ave Verum body, motet for chorus, strings & organ, K. 618
Verum Str., Motet for chorus, Op. 2/1
Buccinate new moon tui, motet for 19 voices
Cantata 140
Cantata number 147
Song de Jean Racine, 4-part choir and organ (or orchestra), OP. eleven
Chichester Psalms, for boy soloist, chorus and orchestra
Deutsche Messe (German Mass), for mixed choir, wind orchestra & organ, D. 872
Requiem (German Requiem), for soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestra, Op. 45
Elias (Elijah), Oratorio, Op. 70, and then the light will break forth
Elias (Elijah), Oratorio, Op. 70
Evening Hymn for Choir and Organ
Rejoice in the rejoicing, motet for soprano and orchestra, K. 165 (K. 158a)
Gloria, for 3 soloists, choir, trumpet, oboe, violin (impromptu), 2 violas, 2 cellos, strings, D major, p. 589
Gloria, for 3 soloists, choir, trumpet, oboe, violin (impromptu), 2 violas, 2 cellos, strings & continuo in D Major, p. 589
Gloria, for soprano, chorus and orchestra, OP 177
Hear my prayer, O Lord, anthem for chorus, violins and continuo, Z. 15 (unfinished)
Hosanna to the son of David, the anthem 6 votes
I was glad (Psalm 122), anthem for choir and organ (or orchestra)
Magnificat, for 5 voices, 5-voice choir, string orchestra and continuo in D Major, BWV 243 (BC E14)
Magnificat, for chorus
Mass for soloists and chorus in G Minor
Mass for soloists, chorus and orchestra in C Major, Op. 86
Mass for soloists, chorus and orchestra in D major ( 'solemn mass'), Op. 123
Mass for soloists, chorus and orchestra № 2 in E-Flat Major, Op. 80
Mass for soloists, chorus, organ and orchestra in D minor ( 'Lord Nelson'), was 22/11
Mass for tenor, baritone, bass, chorus and orchestra in A Flat Major ( "Messiah" Gloria " ')
Mass in B minor for soloists, chorus and orchestra, BWV 232
Mass number 15 vocal soloists, choir and orchestra in C major ( 'coronation'), K. 317
Mass number 17 for soloists, chorus and orchestra in C minor (fragment, 'mass'),
Messe Solennelle de Sainte Cecile for Soloists, Choir, Strings and Organ in G Major
Messiah, oratorio, HWV 56
Miserere Mei Deus (Psalm 51), motet for chorus
About Magnum Mysterium, motet for 4 voices
Panis angelicus for tenor, organ, harp, cello and double bass
Psalm 23 ( 'Mein Gott East Hirt'), for female voice and piano, D. The 706 (Op. 132)
Regina Coeli, antiphon for soprano, chorus and orchestra, K. 127
Requiem for soloists, chorus and orchestra, K. 626
Requiem Mass, for soloists, chorus and orchestra (Manzoni Requiem)
Requiem, for 2 soloists, chorus and orchestra, Op. 48
Esus Requiem, for 2 soloists, chorus and orchestra, Op. 48
Requiem for the orchestra, choir and organ; for organ and choir; for a small ensemble, organ and choir, Op. 9 (3 versions)
Song for Athens, for chorus
Metamodel spem in Alium (also set to 'sing and praise'), motet for 40 voices
St. Matthew Passion for soloists, double choir and orchestra, BWV 244
Gothic Suite, Op. 25
Te Deum for tenor, 3 choirs, brass bands, organ and orchestra, H. 118 (Op. 22)
Te Deum, motet for 8 voices, chorus and orchestra of 146
You know, Lord (2nd version), anthem for choir and organ, Z. 58c
Veni Sancti Spiritus, izoritmik motet for 4 voices.
Vesperae solennes de confessore - for soloists, chorus and orchestra,
Vespers (All Night Vigil), for alto, tenor and choir, Op. 37
Voca me
Christmas Oratorio (Christmas Oratorio), in six parts
Zadok the priest, coronation anthem No. 1 for chorus and orchestra, HWV 258

Listen to sacred music online live radio. The unique product that you will hear on radio create a mood of sublime atmosphere.

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