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Music plays in the style of Jazz classic Quick Overview: Jazz music with vibraphone sound to you, a unique musical compositions with percussion listen in live American jazz radio station. Instrumental Jazz music with the sound of the vibraphone solo. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Vibraphone Jazz.
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Description Vibraphone Jazz

Radio "Vibraphone Jazz" - the union of sound beautiful jazz improvisation and solo vibraphone.

Vibraphone - a popular solo percussion instrument used in classical music to create percussion (tapping, vibration). As an external structure resembles a xylophone, but with an electric motor and a system similar to a piano keyboard, and the rods in a pair with a resonator tube to create a tremolo effect or vibration. Excellent collections of music to listen to the radio rotation sounds - Vibraphone Jazz

Artists Vibraphone Jazz musicians:

Gary Burton, 1943
Number Cheyder 1925 - 1982
Stfon Harris 1973
Joe Locke 1959
Red Norvo 1908 - 1999
Terry Gibbs 1924
Steve Nelson 1954
Jay Hoggard 1954
Dave Samuels 1948
Chuck Redd 1958
Peter Appleyard 1928 - 2013
Warren Chiasson 1934
Margie Hayyams 1920 - 2012
Walt Dickerson 1928 - 2008
Jamaal Khan 1946
Teddy Charles 1928 - 2012
Larry Bunker 1928 - 2005
Tommy Vig 1938
Luigi Waites 1927 - 2010
Joe Chambers 1942
Brent Fisher 1964
Dinah Washington 1924 - 1963
John Sangster 1928 - 1995
Jože Privšek 1937 - 1998
Ivar Kolve 1967
Tony Miseli 1960
Jason Marsalis 1977
Omar Hakim 1958
Bill Ware 1959
George Masso 1926
Steve Shapiro 1963
Ray Alexander 1925 - 2002
Mike Freeman 1959

Radio "Jazz Vibraphone" online free now listen to live music with percussion and vibration.

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