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"Radio Harpsichord" - works written for harpsichord legendary and contemporary composers sound for you in the wake of the US Internet radio stations.

The first mention of the harpsichord dates from 1397, which found the city of Padua in Italy. As well as the historical evidence of a pattern in the Cathedral Minden (Germany). Composers are fond of musical creativity have created many works for harpsichord. Many of the artists have become in the future famous composers and musicians made famous this musical instrument. At the end of the 18th century's most popular niche tool it was to hold a piano and it was the decline of large-scale writing musical compositions for harpsichord.

Harpsichord sound

- it's beautiful but a bit harsh classical music. Listen to the sound of the harpsichord, and all will understand it a little jerky sound without dynamic changes (from Italian "forte" forte -. Much, "piano" piano - weak). Although a bit dryly for hearing but for the overall development is a useful music that the listener can enjoy their technical control of the execution.

Composers, musicians of the Baroque who wrote, played the harpsichord:

Alessandro Scarlatti
Antonio Bertali
Antonio Caldara
Antonio Vivaldi
Arcangelo Corelli
Baldassare Galuppi
Barbara Strozzi
Carlos Seixas
Claudio Monteverdi
Dieterich Buxtehude
Domenico Scarlatti
Francesco Cavalli
Francesco Geminiani
Francois Couperin
Georg Philipp Telemann
George Frideric Handel
Giacomo Carissimi
Girolamo Frescobaldi
Giuseppe Tartini
Gregorio Allegri
Heinrich Ignaz Biber
Heinrich Schütz
Henry Purcell
Jacopo Peri
Jan Dismas Zelenka
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Jean-Henri d'Anglebert
Jean-Philippe Rameau
Johann Adolf Hasse
Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer
Johann David Heinichen
Johann Friedrich Fasch
Johann Gottfried Walther
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
Johann Jakob Froberger
Johann Joachim Quantz
Johann Pachelbel
Johann Sebastian Bach
Leonardo Vinci
Marc Antoine Charpentier
Marin Marais
Nicola Porpora
Pietro Locatelli
Riccardo Broschi
Samuel Scheidt
Silvius Leopold Weiss
Tomaso Albinoni
William Lawes

French musicians-performers:

Jean-Henri d'Anglebert (1629-1691)
Jacques Champion de Chambonnières (1601-1672)
Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661)
Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676-1749)
Charles Dieupart (1667-1740)
Jean-Nicolas Geoffroy (1633-1694)
Élisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre
Nicolas Lebègue (1631-1702)
Gaspard Le Roux (1660-1707)
Louis Marchand (1669-1732)
Nicolas Siret (1663-1754)
François d'Agincourt (1684-1758)
Claude-Benigne Balbastre
Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689-1755)
Josse Boutmy (1697-1779; Flemish)
Bernard de Bury (1720-1785)
Jean-Joseph Cassanea de Mondonville
Michel Corrette (1707-1795)
Armand-Louis Couperin (1727-1789)
François Couperin (1668-1733)
Jean-François Dandrieu (1681-1738)
Louis-Claude Daquin (1694-1772)
Louis-Antoine Dornel (1680-1756)
Jacques Duphly (1715-1789)
Pierre Fevrier (1696-1760)
Jean-Baptiste Forqueray (1699-1782)
Pierre-Claude Foucquet (1694-1772)
Jean-Adam Guilain (1680-1739; German)
Celestin Harst (1698-1778)
Christophe Moyreau (1690-1772)
Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
Joseph Nicolas Pancrace Royer
Philippe-François Veras (fl. 1740)

Composers, musicians of our time:

Jos van Immersel 1945
Ton Koopman 1944
Kenneth Gilbert in 1931
Christopher Hogwood 1941 - 2014 city of
Emilie Autumn 1979
Joanna Newsom 1982
Lanza, Cosimo Damiano 1962
Lars Ulrik Mortensen, 1955
Byron Shankman 1966

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