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Music plays in the style of Jazz Quick Overview: Smooth jazz vocals modern fusion music sounds for you to live online radio. Listen and enchants a great song and a great jazz-music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Smooth Vocals JAZZ.
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Smooth-jazz vocals - American radio station with sensual music and vocals. Internet radio broadcast from New York (USA). Listen to live jazz songs of famous singers. Saxophone, double bass and piano accompaniment vocals - creating a great atmosphere, the music is a creative decoration of the evening. Connection rhythm and blues, rock, pop and funk music created a perfect composition smoothed, light jazz.

Artists musicians Smoothie Jazz Vocal (b-day - d-day):
B.Slade 1975
Janita 1978
M. Antoine 1963
Oli Silk 1979
P. Rustichelli 1953
P. Saisse 1962
R. Brown Jr. 1949
A. Baker, 1958
James B. 1939
Bobby Caldwell 1951
Bobby McFerrin 1950
B. Culbertson 1973
B. Hughes 1955
B. Luther 1951 - 2005
Jay Bekkensteyn 1951
D.Kallum 1979
D. Lorber 1952
D. Tesch 1952
D. Duke 1946 - 2013
D. Howard 1956 - 1998
David Sanborn 1945
Chris Botti 1962
C. Dulfer 1969
L. Abayr 1969
L.Karlton 1948
M. Franks 1944
M. Davis 1926 - 1991
Marcus Miller 1959
M.Lik 1966
1979 N. Jones
1970 N. Brown
P. Barber, 1955
P. White 1954
Paul Jackson 1959
Regina Belle 1963
R. Foster, 1950
R. Crawford 1952
Sarah Vaughan 1924 - 1990
C. Mendes 1941
Frank Gambale 1958
Sade Adu 1959

Radio Smooth-jazz vocal online - Listen free at the best sound quality 320kb / s. Great songs of jazz fusion in the rotation of American internet radio.

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