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Music plays in the style of Jazz Quick Overview: Music in the style of Sinatra on the radio sounds online, the best songs and tunes from artists revered by Frank. And the songs of the master of the Jazz. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Frank Sinatra Style.
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Radio "Jazz in the style of Sinatra" - musical compositions broadcast by American radio station devoted to the passionate fans of the Frank Sinatra. A unique collection of songs broadcast in radio rotation. Songs and tunes that are liked and stressed the style of Frank - are available for your listening.
Many people admired Sinatra for his style, but what were the hallmarks of his style?

The basic rules style in life F. Sinatra.

You can not be nervous and afraid - style, ease and power go hand in hand. The only certainty, and no ostentatious boldness. Generosity pledge popularity. Wear well-fitting clothes. Be passionate about. Create your own fashion style which characterizes you. Always be clean and tidy. Listen to good music and jazz hits of the XX century, «Strangers In The Night» «My Way»!

In a radio broadcast sounds: Vocal Jazz, Soft Rock, Swing, Ballads, Pop.

Rules dress code Sinatra.

1. A hat with the folded rear edge, the front tucked down a couple of inches above the right eyebrow.
2. White, gray or blue color of the clothes. And the evening for optimal black men.
3. Silk ties without vichurnyh colors
4. Cufflinks always.
5. At the formal meeting is simple - a vest with a belt.
6. Tuxedo forbidden on Sunday.
7. You can not wear clean clothes on top of the dirty laundry.
8. Take a shower to steam out the wrinkles on your body and a tuxedo.
9. Orange is the happiest color.
10. Do not hide your scars. They make you unique - himself.
11. Pay the bills.
12. Wear a perfectly folded pocket handkerchief.
13. Shine Shine.
14. look easy and carefree.
15. Do not keep your hands in the pocket of a suit (jacket).

The compositions of jazz on the radio Sinatra Style sound for you to live in the best (320kb / s) as a sound. Listen to radio online, "Sinatra's Style" for free and without registration.

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