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Radio "Baroque period" - listen to the best music of the famous classics of the air broadcast of the American radio station in Denver (USA). Baroque Music for the first time came after the classical music in the late Renaissance period (from 1600 to 1760.).

Characteristics of Baroque music:

1. The development of instrumental music (its significant predominance of vocal): foreplay plays toccata, fantasy.
2. The use of polyphony and consonances.
3. Long-term melodic party with a strict rhythm.
4. Modulation in fourths or fifths.
5. High level of emotional fullness works improvisation.
6. The emergence of musical and dramatic works - "Opera".

Composers Baroque period:

Johann Sebastian Bach, Jacopo Peri, Claudio Monteverdi, Gregorio Allegri; Henry Schultz; Francesco Cavalli; Antonio Vivaldi, Barbara Strozzi, George Frederic Handel and others.
Listen radio "Baroque period" online for free, live and with excellent sound quality and no ads. The best-known composers of the period, listen to the radio.

20.12.2022 Radio Baroque Period online from USA — US
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