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Quick Overview: Crimean radio station. The broadcasting frequency is 90.8 FM and 101.4 FM. He broadcasts musical compositions of Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian music. Always fresh news from the Crimea and issues about events in Ukraine and the world. Live communication in the studio and interesting guests. Good music Euro-hits, famous performers. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Meydan FM.
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Radio station Meydan FM live

Description Meydan FM

Radio Meidan FM

The first and only national Crimean Tatar radio. Started on air in 2016. It broadcasts in three languages: Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian, Russian. The general format is music and entertainment and news.
The power to be yourself - Radio Meydan 90.8 FM 101.4 FM

Programs on the air Meydan Radiosi:

  • HABERLER - news releases of the Crimean Tatar
  • TUR SU SOU - morning show
  • CRIMEAN MUSIC BOX - a unique music show

List of performers on the radio:

  • Atr Ensembles We Asan Bilyalov
  • Dj Bebek
  • Gokhan Ozen
  • Jamala
  • Nil Karaibrahimgil
  • Yusuf Guney
  • Akmesesjit
  • Akmesesjit Ve Afize Kassar
  • Arsen Kursaitov
  • Arsen Osmanov
  • Asan Bilyalov
  • Afize Yusuf Kyzyzy
  • Belbek
  • Garik Ve Garik
  • Demirel Ve Elnara Kucuk
  • Jezair
  • Dilyaver Osmanov
  • Kyyrym We Asia Saale
  • Marlen Settarov
  • Nariman Balic
  • Reana Tarkova
  • Kakura server
  • Hayat
  • Enver Izmailov

Radio Meydan FM 101.4 90.8FM
Radio Meidan listen online, live. Good quality of stream 128 kb/s. Listen and learn about the events in the Crimea with the help of Bestradio.FM

Contacts of radio station Meydan FM:
Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Current City: Simferopol
Phone: +380 (652) 54-72-09

20.05.2020 Radio Meydan FM Crimea — UA
Слухати Мейдан ФМ - українською
Слушать Meydan FM - на русском

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