Blysk FM 106,6 Ukraine

Music plays in the style of народные-песни Quick Overview: Chernivtsi city and regional radio wave - Blysk. Joyful and positive music and entertainment wave. She broadcasts in Ukrainian. Funny leading and great atmosphere in the studio. Listen to the popular songs of Ukrainian singers. Good selection of tunes, interesting developing and entertaining programs. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Blysk FM 106,6.
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Description Blysk FM 106,6

The Blysk of radio Chernivtsi

 Listen to the radio. You will learn about the news of the region and Ukraine, as well as the whole world. First broadcast in 2004. For more than a decade, we have been broadcasting for all: the most popular events, intriguing stories will be broadcast on the radio for all listeners on the wave of 106.6 FM and in Internet broadcasting with access from any corner of our planet.

Programs on the air:

  • Hello to lunch
  • "Love chat" every day from 19 to 21:00

List of performers on the radio:

  • Alyosha
  • Barsky
  • Brezhnev
  • Wynnyk
  • Time is up
  • Gaitana
  • Grosso
  • Jamala
  • Kamensky
  • Karol
  • Avalanche
  • Loboda
  • Lyzhychko Ruslana
  • Mika Newton
  • Monatic
  • Not angels
  • Nikita
  • Ognevich
  • Ponomarev
  • Sedokov
  • Scriabin
  • Shadow of the Son
  • Yarmak

Radio Blysk 106.6 FM
Blysk radio listen online live. Good music in excellent sound quality. Choose and listen to the radio with Bestradio.FM the best songs sound for you.

Contacts radio Blysk
Country Ukraine
City: Chernivtsi
Street: Eminescu, 2
ph: 066 610 6006
Tel: +38 (0372) 5840-69

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Слухати Блиск ФМ 106.6 - українською
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