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Music plays in the style of pop news Quick Overview: Lviv Wave radio broadcasts aired youth format, as well as adult music format, which allows the station to love people with different ages. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Lviv hvilya.
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Radio "Lviv hvilya" first began in the FM-band in 1992. Name of radio station received no coincidence, because the wave of the same name was the first in Western Ukraine in the 30 - ies of the last century. Its existence under the same name radio "Lviv hvilya", so to speak, paid tribute to his many years of history and tradition.

Radio Lvivska hvylya

 Listen to the radio "Lviv hvilya" on radios can only the local population, according to its workers are targeted precisely at this audience more carefully referring to regional news and life beautiful city of Lviv.
Despite the intense competition in the radio space in the region, most of whom are powerful radio media networks, radio "Lviv hvilya" confidently holds the leading position in various rankings thanks to the work of more than 40 professionals.
Listen to the radio "hvilya Lviv" in Lviv on the possible frequency 100.8 FM.

Lviv Wave - support youth format, as well as adult music format, which allows the station to love people with different ages. Good quality of this wave is the big bet is on the musical part of the ether, here it is 80 % of the time. The remaining 20 % is occupied by transmission entertainment and advertising time.

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Join the community of listeners popular Lviv waves can all comers, because now you can listen to the radio online. All you need - access to the Internet and free space in the bookmarks bar for online radio resource
Live music Lvіv FM.
Most often in the air "Lviv hvilya" falls domestic and foreign hits different goals output of pop, rock and dance music. Also, everyone can enjoy their favorite song during the broadcast of the corresponding transmission.
Listen to the radio "Lviv hvilya" online on our website is very convenient. Check for yourself and friends for advice!

06.06.2022 Radio LWR — UA
Слухати Львівська хвиля - українською
Слушать Lviv hvilya - на русском

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