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Quick Overview: The radio station of the Sumy region broadcasts news and a lot of informative and informative programs that cover the issues of culturology. Musical, non-fiction and even children's programs sound for you at Sloboda FM Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Sloboda FM.
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Sloboda FM Sumy

Radio Sloboda FM is a colloquial information and cultural radio station. Has been broadcasting since 2008. Coverage is more than 85% of the total territory of the Sumy region.

Listen to Sloboda FM at frequencies in such cities:

Sumy 88.1 FM
Belopole 91.6 FM
Trostyanets 104.1 FM
Konotop 104.6 FM
Lebedin 104.8 FM
Shostka 107.8 FM

Sloboda-FM listen to your favorite cognitive programs and music in excellent sound quality. Radio can be listened to online live on Bestradio.FM

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