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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Relax and listen, foreign hits clock sounds for you from Mukachevo. Great melodies performed by Ukrainian stars, will delight the soul and heart of the picturesque folk songs Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Zakarpattya FM.
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Transcarpathia FM - is a special radio station from the city of Mukachevo. Entertaining and informative radio broadcasts at a frequency of 101.9 and online on the Internet, the best hits of foreign and Ukrainian pop music for all travelers and local residents.

«Zakarpattya FM» 101.9 FM

Musical compositions create an atmosphere of fun and a positive mood. We always work for our listeners with full dedication. Choose and listen to music for all tastes.

Broadcasts of the Transcarpathian Radio:

Morning - leading Simon and Svetlana
Evening Express.

Transcarpathia Radio Listen live online broadcast, music which pleases the hearts of listeners.

07.06.2022 Radio Zakarpattya FM - UKR
Слухати Закарпаття FM - українською
Слушать Zakarpattya FM - на русском

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