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Music plays in the style of pop Rock Quick Overview: Radio "Zahidniy poljus" located in Ivano-Frankivsk, music format with the new hits dance music and styles of pop, pop-rock and many other popular. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Zahidnyj Poljus.
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Radio "Zahidniy poljus" began broadcasting back in 1995 in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. From that time on the radio station had to work many leading popular now, showman and artists.
Radio station Zahidniy poljus was the cradle of career celebrities such as Yuri Gorbunov, producer and frontman "Perkalaba Gnativ Oleg Fedotov, a popular Ukrainian actor Sergei Romaniuk and many others.

Listen to radio Zahidniy poljus in Ivano-Frankivsk since its foundation until today can be at a frequency of 104.3 MHz FM-band.
Wave music format described as completely youth: on the radio "Zahidniy poljus" you can listen to and enjoy the most new hits dance music, as well as styles of pop, pop-rock and many other popular among the local population.
Daily amateurs of Ivano-Frankivsk can order their favorite song, and send greetings and congratulations to their loved ones in the program " says Ivano-Frankivsk." In addition, online radio "Zahidniy poljus" diluted interesting programs, as well as news items. For example, a radio news broadcast "Ukrainian service for Polish Radio abroad" Ukrainian service, "BBC", local news program «Diva Production», «FDR Radiocenter» and many others.

Zahidniy poljus

Quality music and interesting presentation of information over time began to attract not only residents of Ivano-Frankivsk, and the founders decided to increase its number of listeners on the Internet. Listen "radіo Zahidniy poljus " from the April 2006.
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06.06.2022 Radio Zahidnyj Poljus — UA
Слухати Західний полюс - українською
Слушать Zahidnyj Poljus - на русском

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