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Music plays in the style of pop news Quick Overview: On the air of the radio news channel Radio NV in the past, the Era FM is sounded by the programs of the Ukrainian and world service of the BBC, and sometimes the broadcasts of the Voice of Russia radio. 15 hours of live broadcast per day, every 20 minutes - news, while the music content of Radio NV is reduced to a minimum Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio NV ex Era FM.
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Description Radio NV ex Era FM

Radio NV ex. Era FM is the only radio station in Ukraine conversational information and political direction and contemporary format.
Listen Era FM radio can be in virtually all regions of Ukraine. Focus on filling the radio station to make a diverse supply of relevant information: political, economic news, analytical programs. Also broadcast radio receiving Era FM sound programs and Ukrainian World Service BBC and sometimes transmit radio "Voice of Russia".

Radio NV (Era fm)

Musical content Era FM radio is reduced to a bare minimum, as this format founders radio is not interesting. Rather specific, but at the same time, very, very informative wave broadcasting in our country since 1997 and rather successfully as a commercial project.
Coverage map of radio NV Ukraine
Due to the nature of broadcasting radio station broadcasting era filled with a wide variety of transfer of political, economic, cultural and entertainment destinations.
Among the most popular, according to a survey of students at the official site of radio programs are: "The wheel of history", "Reporter", "Personal Files", "Economic commentary" and "Notice to T.Ramus."

Direct translyatsіya radіo Era

Antopіl ( Rivne ) - 105,1 FM
Chernivtsi - 103,6 FM
Cherkasy - 103,3 FM
Chernіgіv - 103,5 FM
Dnipropetrovs'k - 91,4 FM
Donetsk - 99,0 FM
Ivano-Frankivsk - 107,8 FM
Kharkiv - 107,0 FM
Kherson - 103,7 FM
Khmelnytsky - 100,6 FM
Uzhhorod - 104,1 FM
Kiev - 96,0 FM
Kіrovogradskіy - 104,6 FM
Konotop ( Sumskaya ) - 100,7 FM
Kotovsk - 92,4 FM
Luhansk - 107,3 ​​FM
Lviv - 88,6 FM
Mykolayiv - 107,8 FM
Odes - 87,9 FM
Poltava - 103,4 FM
Romney ( Sumi ) - 102,9 FM
Sevastopol ( Simferopol ) - 103,3 FM
Shostka ( Sumi ) - 101,9 FM
Sumskoї - 90,9 FM
Ternopil - 107,4 FM
Vinnitsa - 107,8 FM
Zaporizhzhya - 102,7 FM
Zhytomyr - 103,9 FM
Drogobich - 105,0 FM
Kamianets - Podіlsky - 104,3 FM

Radio Era fm online

But to be aware of all the world news, Ukraine and its regions do not necessarily sit outside dusty radios. Listen to radio online era can anyone who has access to the World Wide Web. As the tool is convenient and easy to use the best online radio portal! Listen to radio online with us - a pleasure!
Radio NV ex Era FM Ukraine
Contacts Radio NV ex (Era FM - Radio Era FM)
Phone: +38 (044) 237-03-53
Oleg Lysenko

10.10.2021 Radio NV — UA
Слухати Радіо НВ (Ера ФМ) - українською
Слушать Radio NV ex Era FM - на русском

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