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Music plays in the style of pop народные-песни Rock Quick Overview: Radio "SіD FM" makes a very big bet on the hits of pop, rock songs, tracks popular dance music performers singing songs in Ukrainian. Ukrainian-language songs occupy almost half of the total airtime radio Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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«Radio SіD FM» began broadcasting in 2003. Almost from the first days on the Ukrainian radio expanse, and in particular - in Lutsk on frequency 102,4 FM, radio Sіm'ya Dim i started to gain the basic core of his audience, attracting not only their musical ether, but also a variety of interactive programs and transmissions.

Radio SіD makes a very big bet on local artists songs, singing in the Ukrainian language. Ukrainian-language songs occupy almost half of the total airtime radio. It is likely that it is this feature broadcast and caused love to FM radio SіD not only residents of Volyn, but many regions of Ukraine, where amateurs can listen to FM radio SіD online.

Music format FM radio SіD covers several genres: the air always sound best hits of pop, rock songs, popular dance music tracks, as well as here from time to time give the opportunity to show their talent collectives and performers of modern rock and alternative music.
Also, listening to the radio SіD FM online, you are always aware of the latest news from the world of cinema, music industry, politics and economics. And residents of Lutsk and Volyn offering exclusive news items about life and the general atmosphere in the city.
Very popular and original radio transmission. So, the question"where do go to relax on the weekends? "You will get an answer in the program "Weekend-fіsha","listen to what's new?"Prompt you to show"Hіt on Skylines"and"who is the most popular singer in Ukraine today"? you will learn in a unique radio charts SіD FM «XIT-UA». Also regularly broadcast radio transmission and leave the show,"Freeze","Zіrkovy Expres","Gola pravda","Avtonavіgator","Nіchny Troopers" and «PARTY'TURA».
Language FM radio broadcasting SіD online - fully Ukrainian.

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18.02.2022 Radio Simya — UA
Слухати Радіо СІД - українською
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