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Music plays in the style of шансон 1970-80 1980-90 1990 Quick Overview: Radio Dacha broadcasted real hits such musical styles as chanson, retro, eighties and arduous tumultuous nineties, that is music, which is now grown men older than 30 years.
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Radio Dacha (Kiev, Ukraine) - radio, mainly for those who first saw the world in the 70s and 80s of the last century and grew up in an era of change of a number of musical styles and becoming the music industry itself.
Most of the music on Radio Dacha take real hits turbulent eighties and nineties uneasy, ie music, which increased people older than 30 years now. As you may have guessed, these times were popular musical styles such as chanson, retro
Popularity radio station Radio Villa in Ukraine shows the number of cities, residents are lucky enough to listen to Radio Hut, a wave caught him on their radios. Thanks to 18 transmitters and the same number of frequencies of radio waves broadcast is available in 44 cities across the country: from Kiev to Yalta and from Donetsk to Lviv.

Radio Dacha Kiev
Listen Radio Dacha in Ukrainian cities can be on the following frequencies:
Kiev - 95,2 FM
Yalta - 101,4 FM
Ahtyrka - 101,6 FM
Chernihiv - 106,3 FM
Berdyansk - 100,4 FM
Cherkasy - 104,5 FM
Vinnitsa - 90,5 FM
Khmelnitsky - 106,0 FM
Voznesensk - 107,5 FM
Mariupol - 91,1 FM
Kharkiv - 107,9 FM
Dnepropetrovsk - 90,1 FM
Simferopol - 88,0 FM
Donetsk - 92,3 FM
Kramators'k - 105,0 FM
Sevastopol - 89,1 FM
Lviv - 91,5 FM
Odessa - 89,0 FM

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