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Music plays in the style of народные-песни news 1980-90 1990 2000 Quick Overview: UH radio - Ukrainian music, only domestic hits and also original music of Galicia and Ternopil. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
UH radio.
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"UH radio" - the first Ukrainian radio station that began broadcasting 12 years ago in the wake of Ternopil 101,1 FM.
Besides the regional center, the radio wave also covers nine regional centers.

 The main feature and specificity "UH Radio" — a musical format — only Ukrainian music, only domestic hits. The highlight of the wave is also a peculiar music of Galicia, as well as songs about Ternopil.

 You can listen to radio online UH, wherever located, book your favorite songs your friends and family with just the official site of radio. Under the heading " baited " you can send a notification, and a few minutes to hear it on the air.
Originality and different leading radio stations - in most software ether you will hear a gentle female voice. Have long entertained the audience in the wake of 101,1 FM Zin'ko Tatiana, Oksana Sweet Svetlana Solilyak, Roxolana Kotlyarenko Mariana Mayevskaya Natalia Danilenko, Zoryana Kraevskaya and others.

 Every hour on the air Wow listen to the radio and laughing can be unique Galician anecdotes from Gani Polupantsevoy and follow the hit parade, informative and entertaining programs.

 Air Wow radio every day sound newscast in which listeners are notified of major events in the world, Ukraine and hometown radio station - Ternopil in particular.
If you have been left Ternopil, but very long for your favorite music and UH Ukrainian radio, which pleases the audience with only the best Ukrainian hits - do not worry.
"Listen to online radio UH" with us you can with any point on the globe. Online radio resource BestRadio.fm does everything for your convenience and maximum sound quality.
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09.06.2022 UH Radio — UA
Слухати УХ радіо - українською
Слушать UH radio - на русском

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