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Music plays in the style of Religions Quick Overview: Listen to Christian Catholic radio station on the air. For all the listeners heard the prayers on Radio Maryja. tel. Studio +38(044)577-56-45 Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Maria.
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Radio Maria - international religious, radio educate their listeners and guides the path of Christian truth. Catholic radio broadcasts in more than 70 countries.
1.06.2010 year Radio Maria has opened and started broadcasting radio station office in Kiev (69.68fm). Given the popularity of radio broadcasting were also opened offices in the Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia (70.91fm) and Rivne (68.24fm) region - 2012, and in the Zhytomyr region and Kamyantse-Podolsky (73.73fm) in 2013

Christian Radio Maria

Live radio broadcast listen to Mary prayers from 7:00 to 23:00. Daily 60 thousand listeners. Hour broadcast will help the believer to the population to be closer to God and listen to the Holy Scripture and prayer.

The daily broadcast is divided into three parts:
1. Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, Holy Liturgy, Rosary)
2. The Church doctrines and Catechisms. True faith, answers to questions from the audience.
3. Interesting transmission that will give you the answers to daily questions of social, psychological and pedagogical direction.

Christian first independent radio station is "Radio Maria".

We share with you the spiritual gifts that God bestowed us - "Freely you have received, freely transferable."
Without advertising and politics, criticism of other faiths - listen to prayers in the wake of the progressive Christian Radio Maria.

Radio Maria listen online, Ukraine

Ocean Christian love will come to you in the house together with the broadcast of our radio station. Our radio is for all those who are looking for meaning in life, to find the truth in the light of the good news of Jesus Christ.
Morally and psychologically we help you and those who are suffering in spirit and body, alone or elderly, the poor and prisoners receive the support of all!
Listen to the prayer and repeat it for the salvation of the tricks unclean. Respect the freedom of conscience and get evidence of God's love and the hope of eternal life.
tel. Studio 38 (044) 577-56-45

06.06.2022 Radio Maria — UA
Слухати Радіо Марія - українською
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