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Music plays in the style of 1970-80 1980-90 pop Quick Overview: Radio Melodia back in business with their mental gears and a few old lead. Covering a very large radio - listen to radio online, you can also Melody. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Melodia.
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Radio Melodia sounded on the air for the first time over a decade ago in the city of Kharkiv. After a while on the radio in retro style " addicted" hams of Kiev and All Ukraine. Since 2002, the audience is constantly increasing wave listeners.

Radio Melodia

Melodia music format radio is perfect for people age group 30-45 years, because his live sounds that rose on what these people — the best music hits 70s, 80s and 90s. But it does not mean that a younger audience will not listen to the radio Melodia. With this wave of young people can learn from old legends that somehow ceased to work.

In addition, from time to time skips and music news, in most cases - new songs to keep "afloat" artists from the last century.
Until recently, radio Melodia going through hard times and ceased broadcasting. But regular listeners suffered no long wave — radio Melodia back in business with their mental gears and a few old lead.

RadioMelodia Map FM

Covering a very large radio — listen to the radio Melodia residents can practically the whole of Ukraine.
In Kiev you can listen to the radio in the wake of Melodia 97,5 FM.

In addition to music, broadcast and sound information and news items, as well as author of transmission. On the radio, you can listen to the Melodia of the program: hourly "As it was" daily "Endless stories of eternal love", "Today ago", "Magic Box", and on weekdays, twice a day - the popular show "The Music Box".

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Listen to radio online and enjoy the Melodia favorite hits, transfers can also be. Pleasant and convenient to do it with us - online radio resource of the country.

22.03.2020 — Radio Melodia FM — UA
Слухати Радіо Мелодія - українською
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