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Music plays in the style of dance disco pop rnb Quick Overview: Radio "BumbleBee" The first regional international music non-commercial internet radio station. Listen to music live on Ukrainian regional wave radio from the city of Alexandria. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio BumbleBee.
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Radio "BumbleBee" - Ukrainian music radio station broadcasts on the internet online from Alexandria. Clock broadcast of actual musical creations of world cultural heritage, and simple words of bright dance styles. The compositions and listen to live music styles: dance, disco, pop-rock, pop, rock, rnb.

Radio BumbleBee

Songs and music that sounds in the wake of today's young people are focused on the advanced and the people who go to the rhythm of the music industry, but appreciate and remember the golden hits of past eras. The ability of perception of new songs and hits an understanding of the past, nice distinguished audience Bumblebee on all radio stations and confirms the high level of education, and therefore intelligence and relevant consumer potential listeners.

Radio "BumbleBee": "- Turn a thrill!"

Music format radio.
Intrenet radio broadcast in the format of a continuous mix, consisting of a modern dance music and one hundred percent hit, has long proven. Rotation of the songs will surprise many listeners because we are under the constant attention of the most prestigious of the target audience.

Listen to "Radio BumbleBee" online. Alexandria, Ukraine.

Our service enables you to listen to radio online BumbleBee live. Click on the "Who sings on the radio" and find out the name of the group / artist, and song title in real time. Worth to be heard.

Radio BumbleBee
Country: Ukraine
City: Alexandria
tel. 044-209-88-25

06.06.2022 Radio BumbleBee - UA
Слухати Радіо Бамблбі - українською
Слушать Radio BumbleBee - на русском

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