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Music plays in the style of news pop disco dance Quick Overview: Maximum Radio 24 - Ukrainian radio station that has a goal to entertain music hits, and keep your audience listeners informed of all the latest happenings around the world. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
MaximumFM (RADIO 24).
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Description MaximumFM (RADIO 24)

Maximum Radio 24 - a relatively new radio station in Ukraine, which has made ​​it a goal not only entertain listeners music hits, but also keep your audience listeners informed on all the latest happenings around the world.

«Maximum 24 Radio» Kiev, Lviv, Ukraine

Refer here to news and information in general very seriously : every 15 minutes on the radio, you can listen to 24 dynamic news items. Periodically radio reporters 24 tell us about changes in the world, the country or region in the direct inclusion. Seriousness of the costs of such resources makes the radio one of the 24 operational information radio in Ukraine.

Listen to the radio 24 may eighteen Ukrainian cities ( see below for full list) : Kiev (104,6 FM), Zaporozhye (101,8 FM), Dneprorudnoe (103,4 FM), Dnipropetrovsk (107,7 FM), Tokmak ( 103,9 FM) and Sevastopol (87,7 FM).

With the policy of musical genres radio 24 yet to be finalized - with all the news time, so say no. Yet music is the genre and its pick for the main target audience of the resource - men held in the age group 25-45 years. 24 radio listening, of course, can also women, but they are a minority ( so it happened ).

Live - Broadcast on radio 24 wave FM / FM by cities:
Dnipropetrovs'k - 107.7 MHz
Houses - 104.6 MHz
Odes - 91.4 MHz
Sevastopol ( Simferopol ) - 87.7 MHz
Zaporizhzhya - 101.8 MHz
Lviv FM 102,1 MHz
Kharkiv FM 100,5 MHz
Ivano-Frankivsk FM 104,7 MHz
Lutsk FM 88,7 MHz
Rivne FM 90 MHz
Ternopil FM 88,1 MHz
Sevastopol FM 87,7 MHz
Kiev FM 104,6 MHz
Dnipropetrovs'k FM 107,7 MHz
Zaporizhzhya FM 101,8 MHz
Donetsk FM 102,1 MHz
Luhansk FM 102,3 MHz
Odes FM 91,4 MHz
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24 listen to the radio broadcast Online

Residents of all other cities wishing to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the country and the world can listen to the radio 24 online.
Doing this is very easy with us - online radio resource - one of the best online radio site in Ukraine. Do not believe the words - Check the ease of use and sound quality, we do!

06.06.2022 Maximum FM Kiev (RADIO 24 Ukraine) — UA
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