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Music plays in the style of pop news Quick Overview: Radio EC will be broadcast on the wave of 100 fm in Kiev. In 2015, radio broadcast by Radio Gala twenty years on the air broadcasting of Ukraine stops and passes the baton to the new Ukrainian radioEC от EU. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Радио ЕС онлайн послушай Украинскую и Европейскую музыку

"Radio EC" - a European radio station, founded in 2015 by renewal of licenses and change the callsign Gala and change the owner of the company. Owner of Radio EC is a Europeans company with a network of radio stations in the ECropean Union (the Netherlands).

In a broadcast station completely abandoned Russian-language songs and artists. EC Radio will broadcast exclusively Ukrainian and European pop music. EC on radio you do not have to ride the waves, running away from Moscow and chanson pop.

After the calculation of frequencies UGRTS owner plans to launch a radio station broadcasting in test broadcast in the occupied territories and in the area of ATO. For many Ukrainians, the station will be the favorite.

  Radio listeners EC will constantly surprised because in the European edition of the most appropriate work station managers and music editors, who are able to make a pleasant surprise.

Gala Radio FM - boasts the majority of Ukrainian radio before his age. This is the case where a member of the feminine and with a female name Gala can afford like, while holding your nose high altitude!
Gala radio broadcasts on the air from the distant 1994 and to this day. It is clear that for more than 18 years to listen to FM radio Gala became very many people in our country.
Currently available radio wave at a great value for the 12 cities, that is half of Ukraine! Additionally, radio broadcasts, not only in the range of 100 FM, VHF and 69 but. This significantly increases the audience of a popular radio as FM radio Gala take many different roads and ordinary consumer receivers and you can listen online Gala.
Gala radio live
Throughout its existence, Gala radio station was awarded dozens of various awards. In 1999, she even bother to rank the best foreign radio stations according to the National Association of Broadcasters of America. In the same year noted similar radio Gala Prize of Ukrainian radio waves in his native country.
Continuing on Gala radio FM radio, you can become a party to various competitions, listening to news bulletins to keep abreast of the latest changes in the world of show business, as well as the top of the charts. On air radio dominated most popular songs now styles of music - RNB, pop, pop-rock, as well as many others.
Permanent and many favorite shows on radio Gala were: entertaining morning show Masha and Pasha, charts Sheremetyevo-Boryspil and Flank Twenty leading advocates whose popular radio presenter DJ Pasha, evening transmission Drive-time, weather forecasts and many others.
Gala radio (Kiev) spends his continuous wave broadcasting on 100 FM and listen to it in a positive and pleasant.
Listen to online radio Gala can now all free and who have access to the World Wide Web. Listen to radio online with us comfortable. Do not believe me? Check it out!

06.06.2022 Radio EC - UKR
Слухати Радіо ЄС - Європейська станція - українською
Слушать Radio EC - на русском

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