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Music plays in the style of pop 1990 2000 Quick Overview: We are a regional radio wave from Lviv region. You will hear from us information about the city of Zolochiv and good music. We will teach and nurture your wonderful taste for music from the 90s to the present. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
SMAK Radio.
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Radio SMAK - The most delicious radio

Smak radio - is it in the form of delicious heavenly ice cream or a good frying pan with fried meat? Choose and listen.
Every day we will talk about cooking, interesting recipes and wonderful and original guests. Hear and discover the taste trends of the present time of the year. Programs on the air will lift your mood and appetite.

Brief overview

What is the real taste of radio? The public, when asked by our presenters at the time, was not unanimous. Some said that their association was the taste of strong morning coffee, others - the sweet taste of the best music, but with a little bitterness - after all, in addition to positive news, there are also less positive ones on the air. Some said that you can add honey, because the programs are like honey, on the heart of the listener, while others recalled that on the radio it is so diverse that strawberries with gorgonzola and mint are delicious. Who is more right is the question.
SMAK Radio Ukraine
From all the collected opinions and ideas, a secret recipe emerged - something famous, but also surprising, somewhat unexpected.

Radio contacts Smak
Country Ukraine
City: Zolochiv
Radio wave address:
Maria Fenveshi street, 1

10.06.2022 RADIO SMAK — UKR
Слухати Радіо Смак - українською
Слушать SMAK Radio - на русском

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