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Music plays in the style of народные-песни 1980-90 Quick Overview: We broadcast modern topical patriotic songs of bards and from the advanced OOS of anti-terrorist operation soldiers. Also the gold fund of Ukrainian hits of the 80s. You can also hear Ukrainian folk music. Young performers with patriotic love in their hearts for the mother of Ukraine. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
UNA Radio.
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Description UNA Radio

Radio UNA

Rivne private radio wave was created on a public initiative.
We are consciously forming the political culture of the Ukrainian nation.
The First Ukrainian Nationalist Wave

We promote and disseminate the Ukrainian language, music, songs and culture through radio waves and the Internet.

Programs on the air of UNA radio:

"We have this day" - about all the created and experienced historical events in Ukraine.
"Tribuna" is an info-analytical conversation on regionally important topics with experts, politicians, scientists and analysts.
"STRUNA" - dialogues with artists and novice musicians.
"Rebel" - remember the heroes and all the creators of our independence at different times.
"FortUNA" - we entertain with music and songs and give gifts to our listeners who called and ordered.
"Results of the day" - we discuss all the daily topics that arise in our region.
"Piznayko" - for the younger generation of Ukrainians, we broadcast games and quizzes, informative information.

Contacts UNA Radio

Our address: 33001, Rivne region, Rivne.
LLC "UNA-1".
Street Studentska, 14, office-1.
Our studio: Lviv region, Radekhiv
Mishuga Street, 20A. 2nd floor.
m @ il: radiouna2020@gmail.com
Tel: 097-645-46-46.

08.06.2022 RADIO UNA — UKR
Слухати Радіо УНА - українською
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