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Music plays in the style of news pop Quick Overview: Lviv information and entertainment radio wave. We create music and information content for you, which carries a socially conscious and politically unbiased flow of information. Listening to Radio PERSHE will be interesting for active and patriotic people. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Description Radio PERSHE

Listen to radio PERSHE Lviv 88.2 FM

Direction of radio PERSHE

The main mission: to inform and discuss, we solve all issues of Ukrainian society through discussions. We unite people who seek understanding and seek answers to questions and solutions to conflicts within the society of our country.

List of local frequencies:

Lviv 88.2 FM
Brody 89.2 FM

Our main values ​​are reliability and balance in the presentation of operational information. Delivering unbiased information, in simple words we solve and justify even the most difficult issues.
Radio PERSHE 88.2 FM
Our mission: to build quality information for all listeners, interesting conceptual programs on the air, cheer up with bright and professional musical compositions.

Radio contacts FIRST

Country Ukraine.
Index: 79008,
Pidval'na Street, 3
Tel. studios: (032) 2322882, (032) 2322883
Advertising department: (032) 2329320
Viber: +38 0970027365

31.05.2022 RADIO PERSHE — UKR
Слухати Радіо ПЕРШЕ - українською
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