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Music plays in the style of disco pop dance news Quick Overview: Listen online radio MFM nicely on vacation, to listen comfortably at work, listen to perfect night, because at this time of selection of tracks here is definitely not for those who are asleep. Standing drive, rhythm and fiery energy Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
MFM radio.
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MFM radio - wave for those. People who hate boredom and weekdays, and transform your life into a permanent holiday.
MFM radio listen to online music and festive and promotes positive mood, because here all day just sound better world, European hits, and that many important only Overseas.

MFM - can safely be called international, because of this wave in the air with songs in many languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and others.
Play nice on vacation, listen MFM comfortable at work, also listen perfect night, because at this time of selection of tracks here is definitely not for those who are asleep. Standing drive, rhythm and catchy power - all in a live radio MFM.
Among the regular programs MFM Station gigabytes worth noting, "Vlasna Dumka" and the midnight show MFM Party Mix. In addition, the hit ether dilute various interactive games that are constantly changing and not static transmissions.

FM Broadcast:
Chernihiv - 107.7 MHz
Donetsk region - 104.1 MHz
Kharkiv - 90.0 MHz
Kirovograd - 104.2 MHz
Luhansk region - 102.3 MHz
Sumy - 101.4 MHz

MFM radio — young enough wave, as, indeed, and its audience. While it is growing every year and covers more territory of Ukraine. Currently listening to the MFM can only residents of the seven cities. Broadcasting station conducts youth in Donetsk (104.1 FM), Kharkov (90,0 FM), Dnipropetrovsk (90,9 FM), Chernigov (107,7 FM), Luhansk (102,3 FM), Sumy (101,4 FM) and Kirovograd (101,9 FM).
But modern technology is evolving and it is, is not it? Now for most listeners coating does not matter, because the radio can listen to the MFM almost everyone. Tool for listening to your favorite radio online perfect - many hams favorite resource on the Internet.
Listen online radio MFM, just follow the link - you're just one click away from a wonderful mood!

22.03.2020 Radio MFM — UA
Слухати МФМ радіо - українською
Слушать MFM radio - на русском

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