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Music plays in the style of 1990 2000 pop Quick Overview: Ukrainian radio station Super Radio broadcasts music and news live. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Super Radio.
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Description Super Radio

Super Radio (Super Radio) - listen to your favorite music is now even better . Your favorite pop music broadcast on the territory of Ukraine .

Information in the news bulletin sounds each time in the early hours and inform the participants of the events and incidents as well as the summary of weather and exchange rates .
One minute in the " Short and sweet " will feature selected and the most curious news.

Super Radio - is only the most carefully selected , absolute Super Hits!
To date, the radio coverage is 91 % of the territory of Ukraine.

From Monday to Friday every morning on the radio transmission begins with "Super Ranok" listen to good music and evokes positive and leading - Alicia Svetlichnaya Pasha and Rolnik .

Where you can listen to FM radio Super ?
 Live in the wake of Super Radio in more than 55 cities , districts and regional centers of Ukraine .
Regional centers of the radio broadcast in which :
 Kiev FM 101.1
Sevastopol FM 91.7
Dnepropetrovsk FM 101.5
Lviv FM 91.9
Donetsk FM 102.6
Nikolaev FM 105.1
Yalta FM 102.5
Kherson FM 104.4
Lutsk FM 90.6
Odessa FM 101.4
Lugansk FM 101.1
Kharkiv FM 103.0
Chernihiv FM 103.9
Khmelnitsky FM 103.5
Chernivtsi FM 101.2
Zhitomir FM 91.1
Uzhgorod FM 91.6
That you can listen to the Super Radio ?
 You can hear their favorite music and songs sounding the last 30 years and evaluated many music critics. Listen to music 90's and 2000s, and she and her energy charge will help you to have fun and cheer up

22.03.2020 Super Radio Pyatnica — UA
Слухати Супер Радіо - українською
Слушать Super Radio - на русском

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