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Music plays in the style of pop dance disco news Quick Overview: Europa Plus listen to many music fans and his speech radio listeners only want to bring the fun and make them part of the musical space. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Europa Plus UA.
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Europa Plus - a radio station that tries to keep up with constant musical tendencies in Ukraine, as well as near and far abroad.

On Air Radio Europa Plus, you can listen the best hits of musical genres pop, dance, disco and many others. In addition, a popular radio station every day keeps its listeners the latest news music, fashion, film and the latest technology.

Radio Europa Plus

Europa Plus positioning themselves as a wave of innovators who not only keep up with modernity, but also asked her pace. Coating station occupies a large part of the territory of our country - listen to the radio Europa Plus can free audiophiles of 15 Ukrainian cities.
His speech radio station wants to convey to his listeners only the most interesting, make them part of the world and boundless space.
On air radio, except this latest music and international hits, as every beautiful voices leading radio. From morning to evening the audience entertained interesting programs Oleg Sukhov, Masha Ledeen, Roman Davydov, Dmitry Lavrov and other radio hosts whose voices have become native to regular listeners of radio station and partly on the positive Europe Plus listen to online.

The most popular programs on radio Europa Plus can be called Garage, Setereobazu, Pleyboks, the European morning, traffic jams, and many others.
If you are a regular listener of Europe plus waves, but through the work in the office or other force majeure do not have access to your radio, but you have access to the World Wide Web - welcome.

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The best possible radio resource that is with us -!
Europa plus Top 40 and "Hit Parade" Europe plus are already branded programs and attract many active listeners and connoisseurs of quality music.
Listen to radio online with us always convenient, fun and free. Have a good mood with your favorite radio Europe Plus online.

Live Broadcast on radio wave FM / FM
Ivano-Frankivsk - 102.0 MHz
Kiev - 107.0 MHz

06.06.2022 Europa Plus 107 FM — UA
Слухати Європа Плюс - українською
Слушать Europa Plus UA - на русском

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