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Music plays in the style of disco 2000 Quick Overview: Music for the soul and songs about life. Odessa radio broadcasts music with a special touch. Jokes and anecdotes, modern Russian-language and Ukrainian songs. Listen to radio online live from Odessa, beautiful music collections, interesting news, fun entertainment programs. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Mama Odessa 106.0 FM.
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Description Mama Odessa 106.0 FM

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The Odessa radio station is broadcasted from the resort town of the same name. The music and entertainment radio station is broadcasting at a frequency of 106.0 FM. The birthday of Odessa Mama - September 3, 2001 (actually the day of the celebration of the city). Listen online and enjoy great music and great shows.
"This is the soul radio and the most Odessa radio station"

Programs on the radio:

  • Anecdotes from the heart
  • Sincere conversation
  • Soulful news
  • Good Odessa news
  • Odessa News-Moms
  • Private bussiness
  • Odessa cocktail (Wed and Sat at 19-00)
  • Lessons of the Odessa language

"And I'm so in love with you" - 106.0 radio Odessa Mama

Examples of performers that sound on the wave of radio:

  • Bilyk Irina
  • Vaenga Elena
  • Vinnik Oleg
  • Golitsyna Katerina
  • Gritskan Mikhail
  • Zheka (Evgeny Grigoriev)
  • Kornilov Igor
  • Krichevsky Garik
  • Maidanov Denis
  • Mikhailov Stas
  • Mogilevskaya Natalya
  • Piskareva Tatiana
  • Povaliy Taisia
  • Rom Alex
  • Saltykov Albert
  • Tabakov Pavel
  • Trofimov Sergey
  • Fomin Dmitry
  • Shak Oleg
  • Mikhail Shufutinsky

Listen to the radio Odessa Mama online, live music is available for every corner of the world. Round-the-clock broadcasting of the channel in premium sound quality.
Radio Odessa Mama 106.0 FM
Contacts radio station Odessa MAMA FM:
Odessa 65045
Zaslavsky street 10/12 of.1
Tel/Fax: (0482) 34-68-66

08.06.2022 Radio Odessa MAMA 106.0 FM — UA
Слухати Одеса Мама радіо - українською
Слушать Mama Odessa 106.0 FM - на русском

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