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Radio Oktoberfest - great Spanish radio station with clear German roots. Broadcasts music lyrics and melodies for beer connoisseurs celebration OKTOBERFEST - O'zapft is! The first holiday special method is carried out in 12.10.1810 year and since 1819 Munich city council legislated the annual celebration of the organization of the festival and took into their own hands. The radio station listen to the rhythmic march and just popular songs associated with the parade and the celebration of the harvest, the October folk festivals. Drink Munich beer and eat sausages anywhere in the world and create a real holiday listening to the beautiful music of the folk festival Oktoberfest radio - site www.oktoberfestradio.mex.tl.
Play online free live in headphones for the full sense of the festive mood. Marching down the sound of orchestras and classical music compositions, create a home atmosphere of the festival include a OKTOBERFEST radio.

02.03.2020 Oktoberfest Radio - Spain
Слухати Радіо ОктоберФест - українською
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