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Music plays in the style of шансон 1980-90 1990 2000 Quick Overview: In "Traffic Radio" is the dominant Russian songs, chanson, city romance of the 80s and 90s - they hold 80% of the ether, the remaining 20% are the songs of the 2000s and foreign hits of all time. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Doroznoe Radio.
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Description Doroznoe Radio

Doroznoe Radio - the favorite of many Russian Amateur radio station while driving, which began its "life" in St. Petersburg in 2003.
Listen Doroznoe Radio in St. Petersburg and the region is now possible at a frequency of 87,5 FM. Since the start of the bDoroznoecast station became a network of: air waves today available in more than 90 cities in Russia, Transnistria, China and Finland.
With these results Doroznoe Radio became the fastest growing network in Russia, and among the five largest in the country.

Doroznoe Radio - ROAD RADIO

 Music format radio station "Doroznoe" is made for the target audience of listeners aged 25-50 years. Russian speakers are dominant composition chanson, urban romance 80s and 90s - they occupy 80% of the ether, the remaining 20 % are the songs of the 2000s and foreign hits of all time.
In addition to music, of course, in the wake of the Doroznoe can listen to the radio main news from the world, countries and individual regions, entertainment programs, game shows and more.

 Listen to the radio Doroznoe cast of the live on frequencies :
Abakan FM 101,3
Apatity ( Murmansk ) FM 100,7
Arkhangelsk FM 103,4
Astrakhan FM 106,0
Barnaul FM 88,3
Bryansk FM 102,0
Upper Uslon (Kazan ) FM 91,1
Vladimir FM 101,8
Volgograd FM 103,6
Vologda FM 101,0
Voronezh FM 106,8
Ivanovo FM 103,0
Izhevsk FM 105,3
Yoshkar-Ola FM 101,1
Kaliningrad FM 105,9
Kaluga FM 101,6
Kandalaksha ( Murmansk ) FM 105,5
Kirov FM 106,7
Kostroma FM 106,2
Kurgan FM 103,7
Kursk FM 106,2
Lipetsk FM 100,9
Magadan FM 105,5
Monchegorsk ( Murmansk ) FM 101,2
Moscow FM 96,0
Murmansk FM 106,0
Nadym FM 103,3
Nalchik FM 104,8
Novgorod FM 105,7
Nyagan (October ) FM 103,5
Nyagan (October ) FM 107,4
Omsk FM 88,1
Eagle FM 99,6
Orenburg FM 104,8
Petrozavodsk FM 107,2
Pskov FM 107,6
Rainbow ( Nizhnevartovsk ) FM 106,4
Ryazan FM 101,5
Salekhard FM 103,8
New FM 106,1
St. Petersburg FM 87,5
Saransk FM 103,2
Saratov FM 106,3
Smolensk FM 107,2
Sochi (Krasnodar ) FM 68,90
Stavropol FM 101,4
Syktyvkar FM 104,8
Taz FM 101,6
Tambov FM 106,4
Tver FM 106,7
Tula FM 101,4
Tyumen FM 107,0
Tyumen FM 73,97
Ulyanovsk FM 103,5
Ufa FM 107,9
Khabarovsk FM 104,3
Chelyabinsk FM 69,23
Chita FM 100,7
Yuzhno Sakhalinsk FM 106,5
Yakutsk FM 104,0
Yaroslavl FM 103,8

 The most popular among fans of the radio waves used by the program: Good afternoon, Russian Railways, Tilt Wheel, Good evening, Chronicle Doroznoe, Main Doroznoe Countries in Russian Dancing, Music Review, and others.

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