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Nashe radio RU.
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Description Nashe radio RU

"Nashe radio" - a popular Russian radiostation that started punching his track in the radio space in December 1998.

Listen to Nashe radio in Moscow can be in the wake of 101.7 FM. Also on their radios wave of popular radio station can still catch in about 600 cities.

Nashe Radio

Wave music format "Nashe Radio" fully consistent with the style "Russian rock".
Focus founders and radio program director Mikhail Kozyrev in particular, who has worked in this position since its founding to 2005, have borne fruit: "Nashe radio" has become one of the most popular wave in its target segment, and was the organizer of the largest rock - festival LICs "Invasion", which is held annually since 1999. Invasion of the biggest fest began in 2006, brought together on one stage about 120 teams and Bole 120 thousand spectators.

Listen to Nashe radio - it also enjoy regular radio transmissions. One of the most famous is the hit - hits "Chart dozen". Also in the wake of "Nashe Radio" program, you can listen to "second shift ", " Nashe morning", "Mother Tongue", " Offset", "just for fun", " Right now sing ", "Nashe news", " Backstage ", "Chart Nonsense " and others.

Favorite leading "Nashe radio" Vakhtang Maharadze Paul Cartan Tatiana Borisova Svetlana Zeynalova Andrew Bukharin, Roman Chekhov, Dmitry Lensky, Igor Sedov

Broadcast radio stations Nashe Radio cities of Russia:
Izhevsk FM 103,8
Kaliningrad FM 101,3
Moscow FM 101,7
Murmansk FM 103,0
Omsk FM 70,55
Perm FM 100,0
St. Petersburg FM 72,14
Sochi ( Krasnodar region ) FM 105,2
Tambov FM 91,3
Tambov FM 72,56
Tula FM 101,9
Arkhangelsk FM 104,7
Lipetsk FM 101,7
Lyantor ( Surgut ) FM 105,7
Petrozavodsk FM 105,7
Pokachi (Nizhnevartovsk) FM 102,3
Urai (Kondinskoye ) FM 103,2
Chelyabinsk FM 73,52
Chelyabinsk FM 103,5

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02.12.2021 NASHE Radio — RU
Слухати Наше радіо 101.7FM - українською
Слушать Nashe radio RU - на русском

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