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Quick Overview: Silver Rain radio broadcasts compositions and songs stars of world renown, but did not achieve the upper rows of the charts, covers of popular songs of the past as this millennium and modern hits. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Silver Rain.
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Description Silver Rain

"Silver Rain" - a popular radio station, which began its work in 1995. Wave holds its satellite broadcast in more than 100 Russian cities and abroad.

You can also listen to radio online Silver Rain, regardless of location. In addition, the Silver Rain radio online has become the first in continental Europe, which carries out its broadcast in real time on the Internet.
 Music format radio station Silver Rain simple or ordinary call seriously, as it is pretty specific. Silver Rain radio listen to online can be carefully selected composition of stars with a worldwide reputation, but did not achieve the upper rows of the charts, covers of popular songs of the past and of the millennium, the music "filtered" other radio stations, and, of course, modern hits .

Musical content of Silver Rain!
 Despite the specificity of broadcasting format, the core radio listeners have long been formed and only growing by the day .
Besides music content, online radio Silver Rain Online dazzles the different gears . Radios operate on more than twenty professional presenters, each of which has one, and even more copyright gear.
Almost all programs leading not forget about their listeners, communicating with them in real time using chat, SMS, make phone calls, etc.

Listen to the radio Silver Rain live in Russia.

 Here are a few regular and popular radio transmissions Silver Rain Online : Funky Time, Intelligent Beats, Silver Rain Night Party, Barabaka and the Gray Wolf (one of the leading, by the way, is Ksenia Sobchak), Gloss, Live Sound, Yoga for the brain, Prime-time, Words and music by Vladimir Matetsky, Something good and many others.

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01.03.2018 Radio Silver Rain 100.1 FM — RU - Deleted at the request of the copyright owner
Слухати Срібний Дощ - українською
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