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Music plays in the style of шансон Quick Overview: Author's songs and music chanson listen to live online radio "Chanson 24". This chanson - Favorite music of our listeners. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Chanson 24 - Russian radio wave broadcasts from St. Petersburg. The first broadcast took place on November 1, 2010. The unique creation Producing Music and video studio center "Night Taxi".

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Listen online radio station Chanson 24 because it is a storehouse of new hits of the genre, concert broadcasts, interesting guests in the studio, broadcast-quality international sports events, great music sounds in the air. Excellent Frumina leading brothers Arkady and Alexander creates a good mood and listen to them just want to.

This chanson - our profession

Transmission Radio Chanson 24:

"Night Taxi" produced since 1994 - all information about Russian chanson and its performers.
"Rock-wave" (21.00 Thursday) - Oleg Grobko CEO music-publishing Russian rock music is unique and fresh songs and bands, young bands in the studio, famous guests all enjoy the atmosphere of easy communication and beautiful and vibrant musical emotions, all of Russian rock music from archival news rock club up to the sound of modern Russian rock bands.

Artists and songs Chanson 24 radio heard on the air:

Avtozak - Alexander Kuznetsov
Bombs - Gregory Zarechny
Spain - Bilbao
Burn the witch - Radiohead
Georgia - Sergey Korone
Live-Hi - Anatoly Cloth, Fyodor Pockets, Olga Obolenskaya
Lieutenant-Semechkin - Vorovaiki
Vorovaiki Daughter - Vorovaiki
Sherry Berry - Igor Latvian
Passionarnost - Anatoly Cloth, Fyodor Pockets, Olga Obolenskaya
Alenka - Alexander Dyumin
The army go - Alexander Marcinkiewicz and Convertible
Tsiganochka - Five-Year Plan
and others.

Online Radio "Chanson 24" Now listen to free live original songs and thieves in high quality sound. We expect your phone calls in the live broadcast studio.

Radio Contact:
+7 (812) 337-10-44, +7 (921) 961-34-94
Address: St. Petersburg, Piskaryovsky pr.37, block 2, pom.10-H

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