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Music plays in the style of dance pop Quick Overview: Light dance songs and remixes on radio will please his audience and cheer up. Listen Dance radio «ASTV» and remove the strained and irritated, to charge positive and patience, because all you get. Radio con- tacts: Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
ASTV Radio.
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Description ASTV Radio

«ASTV» radio - broadcast FM 105.5 MHz Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. English and Russian popular music to listen to online radio clock. Favorite dance songs and mixes sound better for you to live online, and FM radio.

Listen to the radio ASTV - FM 105.5 MHz

Radio Dancing - «ASTV»

Listen «ASTV» at the frequency FM, broadcast in the following cities:

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 105.5
Okha 105.5
Nogliki 101.3
Dolinsk 106.8
Korsakov 102.0

Groups musical performers of songs and dance compositions that are aired «ASTV» radio Sakhalin:

Fine ass mess (remix) Mr.robz
Its my life - Bon Jovi
Summer night city - Roma Kenga
At a distance - Loc Dog
All for you - Stas Mikhailov
Live for something (remix) - TCTS
Amplify (Aoo & OoA remix) - Happy murder
Bang the drum (Boomclack remix) - Herve
Worship (Todd Terry remix) - Years & Years
Sing me to sleep (Federivo Scavo remix) - Alan Walker
Do it right (Kc Lights remix) - Martin Solveig

Contact radio «ASTV»:
Country Russia
Advertisements. tel. +7 (4242) 49-16-99
The news department: +7 (4242) 49-15-34, 49-15-95
Technical department: +7 (4242) 49-15-32

01.04.2018 Radio ACTB — RU
Слухати Радіо АСТВ - українською
Слушать ASTV Radio - на русском

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