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Music plays in the style of 1990 Quick Overview: Keks fm radio broadcasts music Live music 90 favorite hits, songs and compositions. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Keks FM.
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Keks FM - music 90
"Keks FM" Radio FM - radio station for those who do not want and do not forget about the music 90.

Listen to FM radio can Keks FM in Moscow (89.9 FM), Chelyabinsk (98.7 FM) and St. Petersburg (91.1 FM). In the near future, the founders of the original radio station plans to significantly increase its coverage, but so far it only plans.
Keks FM Radio FM radio wins under their permanent spaces and reflects the essence of radio slogan: "Hey 90!".
Indeed, the musical ether wave consists only of hits not only harsh but hilarious 90s in any case not including the Soviet lyrics. This is music that was coming off the youth by the tents at ENEA, forced to listen to all residents of the area, exposing his grandfather's column on windowsills and putting the volume on the «MAX»...
As the founders say about his brainchild, radio Keks FM FM - for those who have fallen into dependence on Tetris.
Target Audience radio stations online - people who grew up and came off just the music 90s who know all the words by heart and still enjoy it at home, in the car, on vacation.

Keks FM radio
Listen to radio Keks FM - it means to be always in their best years, to stay young and open-minded, regardless of age, weather, time of year.
Besides the musical part of the ether, the radio also pleased and share information. Keks FM FM radio can also listen to regular pieces of information, as well as a fascinating permanent transfer. So, over a cup of coffee in the morning you can enjoy a program of Self-made Show with leading ZHenkoj Hoop Arbuzov and Ivan, favorite song to congratulate your friends and family in the program at the request of, relax in the evenings to the best hits during transmission "Club 90 " and many others.

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KeksFM broadcast live by cities:
Moscow - 89.9 MHz FM
St. Petersburg - 91.1 MHz FM
Voronezh - 102.3 MHz FM
Stavropol - 102.6 MHz FM
Chelyabinsk - 98.7 MHz FM

Listen to the radio and enjoy your favorite music for free can do everything, regardless of location. Listen to FM radio Keks online - portal always comfortable and enjoyable.

18.02.2022 Radio KEKS FM music - RU
Слухати Кекс FM - українською
Слушать Keks FM - на русском

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