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Music plays in the style of народные-песни Quick Overview: Ethnic Bashkir and Tatar songs are aired for the safeguarding of cultural identity of peoples and the transfer of knowledge to succeeding generations. Listen to the radio online without registration Yuldash broadcast Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Yuldash - First Bashkir radio native of Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russian Federation.). Broadcast radio is carried out on the Bashkir and Tatar languages, the air you will hear popular songs and ethnic songs. For the first time there was a radio station 25.09.2000 year. To keep the original culture of the peoples and to transfer knowledge and skills to the younger generation.

Translation is carried out on the Internet and is now available worldwide - Yuldash radiosy listen online 24/7 for free.
In the air you can hear the latest songs written by all the canons of harmony sound Tatar and Bashkir culture. Also performed a set of songs for beginners isponiteli broadcast on radio waves.

Frequencies and broadcasting city:
94.9-FM Safakulevo
100.8-FM Spelt
101.1-FM Neftekamsk
101.2-FM Bizhbulyak
101.4-FM Askino
102-FM Samara Region (Krasnooktyabrskiy)
102.2-FM Chelyabinsk region (Argayash)
102.2-FM Yasherganovo
102.7-FM Baymaksky District (Baymak)
102.7-FM The October
103-FM Belyanka
103.1-FM Samara Region (South)
103.2-FM Novobelokatay
103.2-FM Davlekanovo
103.2-FM Bolsheuchstikinskoe
103.3-FM Bakaly
103.6-FM Kirgiz-Miyaki
103.7-FM Starosubkhangulovo
103.8-FM Karaidel
103.8-FM Sterlitamak
104.3-FM Almenevo
104.6-FM Yomaguzhin
104.6-FM Akyar
104.7-FM Belebei
104.9-FM Beloretsk (Beloret)
105.1-FM Kүmertau
105.2-FM Arkhangelsk district
105.3-FM Birsk
105.4-FM Zilair
105.4-FM Uchaly
105.4-FM Fedorivka
105.7-FM Mrakovo
105.7-FM Mishkino
105.8-FM The top Avzan
105.8-FM Mesyagutovo
106.1-FM Bikkulova
106.1-FM Kugarchi
106.3-FM Red Key
106.8-FM Inzer
107-FM Kuvandyk
107.8-FM Krasnousolsk
Radio Yuldash listen online free now live with excellent sound quality.

07.03.2020 Radio Yuldash FM — RU
Слухати Юлдаш радіо - українською
Слушать Yuldash FM - на русском

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