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Music plays in the style of House Dubstep Electro dnb Quick Overview: Youth Wave the latest electronic dance music will reveal to you the horizons of the latest achievements of the music industry and the song tracks that want to listen to. Contact radio: Yekaterinburg, Russia +7 (922) 112-45-15 radio@vyshka24.ru "Always take the above" Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Vyshka radio.
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Description Vyshka radio

"Radio Vushka" - a popular youth commercial Internet radio station broadcasts from the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. A young team of professionals has created a unique project radio broadcasting selective contemporary electronic music. In the wake of the radio listen to songs and compositions of russians and foreign performers.
A rotating basis honor take such EDM styles: House, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Complextro, Progressive House, Chill-out, Electro-pop, and others.

Radio Vushka - "For the sake of Activism"

Universal approach to the choice of music. - "Take up" and Radio Vushka takes and actually has the effect of activity and cheerfulness, cheer up all his listeners. And the basis of the audience is young, educated and creative people, people 16-30 years old who live in an active and listen to the rhythm of modern Electronic Dance Music.

The history of radio Vushka.
The first output of the air and the sound of the radio waves on the Internet became available to students from May 2013. A year later, in 2014, the station has been praised by many students and became the winner of several prominent Russian Award.

What to listen to the air besides music?
Informative newscasts Digest-news (19:00 weekdays, repeat in the morning at 8 and 11 hours in the evening and 21 at night 24:00 and 2:00) - listen to sensational information about events occurring in the world. News from around the world being talked about. Leading news-release Vitaliy Fedotov.

Plans to launch such pieces of information:
S-news - events and achievements of the Sverdlovsk region and E-news - news of Ekaterinburg.

Do you want to advertise a product or service?
We are professionally engaged in the creation of promotional audio clips and live in their own places for adequate cost.

Listen to "Radio Vushka" online live Ekaterinburg, Russia

All recommend that you click start in your audio player, and you'll hear will give you a friendly world with an atmosphere promotes the development and activity. And to achieve closer and available to you together with the sound of modern electronic music - Radio Vushka. - "Never before radio was not so close to you"

Radio Vushka24
620083 Lenin av., 51
Yekaterinburg, Russia
+7 (922) 112-45-15

07.04.2020 Vyshka Radio — RU
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