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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Listen to the radio for real pilots - AVSIM. Live sound popular songs, as well as information and news aviation. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
AVSIM Radio.
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"AVSIM Radio" - Russia's first radio station dedicated to people who live in the sky, aviators and aviation in general. News releases will talk about happenings in the airline world. Information on the real aircraft, history of aircraft development and aerospace technology. "AVSIM radio" broadcasts favorite songs pilots and pilots. Hear interesting facts from the world of pilots in the air radio. On the design and construction of aircraft, acts of life known test pilots.

"AVSIM Radio" Moscow - above all-star.

What to listen to the radio AVSIM?
Each pilot heard or used to sing songs that now sound on the radio station, and take 1/4 rotation. Excellent composition cheer up each participant at least once piloted and knows what heavenly alluring beauty. Popular songs sound for you - Feel the depth of the sky listening to the music of the aviation segment. Aircraft song does not end there as the fuel in the tank, and the heights does not happen much.

Listen radio AVSIM online live, Moscow, Russia.

In the broadcast sound English and Russian popular songs and compositions reveal the fate of the pilots. To listen you will be comfortable using the site bestradio.fm - Do not shave before the flight;) and listen to the radio AVSIM.

03.09.2019 AVSIM Radio Moscow - RU
Слухати Радіо Авсім - українською
Слушать AVSIM Radio - на русском

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